My initial plan was to donate my current stock of Tutoodles and one custom Tutoodle to my kids’ school auction. I did donate the current Tutoodles to the auction to use however they saw fit.  Then, another parent approached me and now I have  agreed to donate, with another parent, a Tea and Tutoodles party to be held in June.  People will get to bid on a space at the party during the Auction.  I think it will be super fun.  It will be tea and dancing and Tutoodle decorating for 8 kids.  Each guest will have the chance to embellish their own Tutoodle that they get to wear at the party and take home with them!  I am over the moon excited about this.  Making Tutoodles is a fun way to pass the time, and getting to share that with a bunch of excited kids…I’m not sure I can think of a more perfect day!   I’m trying to think of a fun add-in too.

I still have all sorts of Christmas Tutoodles photos to upload, but real life keeps rearing it’s head and interfering with things like photo editing and uploading!



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