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Another day another charity auction

I’m donating one of my favorite remaining tutus, the red and green fancy super floof, to Good Bath Company for an auction benefitting Habitat for Humanity.  Also up for the auction benefitting Habitat for Humanity is a custom made up to size 6 (children’s).  I’m excited about being able to donate these Tutoodles to a great cause.


Going Once, Going Twice…SOLD! Auction fun

My initial plan was to donate my current stock of Tutoodles and one custom Tutoodle to my kids’ school auction. I did donate the current Tutoodles to the auction to use however they saw fit.  Then, another parent approached me and now I have  agreed to donate, with another parent, a Tea and Tutoodles party to be held in June.  People will get to bid on a space at the party during the Auction.  I think it will be super fun.  It will be tea and dancing and Tutoodle decorating for 8 kids.  Each guest will have the chance to embellish their own Tutoodle that they get to wear at the party and take home with them!  I am over the moon excited about this.  Making Tutoodles is a fun way to pass the time, and getting to share that with a bunch of excited kids…I’m not sure I can think of a more perfect day!   I’m trying to think of a fun add-in too.

I still have all sorts of Christmas Tutoodles photos to upload, but real life keeps rearing it’s head and interfering with things like photo editing and uploading!


What’s next for Tutoodles?!

It’s not spring yet, but I’ve been working on some spring cleaning. This serves two purposes…one it keeps me warm (it’s cold here!) and two it makes me think that spring is going to come. To let you know what’s coming up, I interview myself.  (It’s late, I’m tired, paragraphs weren’t playing well…play along).

Blah blah blah we get it Laura, yer crazy, so what’s next? 

The remaining 4 or 5 Tutoodles are being donated to my children’s school auction as well as a custom tutu is being put up for auction.

Okay that’s great, then what?

My husband and I are listing our condo for sale and we’ve agreed I won’t create a fire or organizational hazard in our office/craft room while the condo is on the market, so all Tutoodles will be custom order only. 

Really?  You think you’ll be able to do that?

No, I will likely cave and make a Tutoodle here or there especially as I get new ideas to make them even more fabulous and fluffy.  I’m even thinking of a new idea RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND.  Some things can’t be stopped.  

Are you going to make and sell anything else?

Funny you should ask.  I’ve added bow barrettes and other hair fun to my fun things I do.  Thankfully these don’t take up much space and may quench my need to play with the hot glue gun.  I will put photos up of those as we go along.  And after our condo has sold (and we buy a house) I will be back to making Tutoodles regularly. 

How does one end an interview with oneself?  And who has to leave?

Well I guess I’ll just say thank you and remind myself it is 12 am and I should go to sleep before I reveal that the method to my madness (HA) is complete sleep deprivation and spell check. 


There will be some updates to this site very soon.  I have many photographs to add and I have some links to my favorite vendors.   This should all be done this week!

Christmas Party Tutus!

Christmas Parties are coming full swing, someone will look great in one of these child sized tutus.

Christmas Polka Dot Party
approx 22″, elastic waist (unstretched)


Christmas Art Tutu – superfluff
22.5″ elastic waist (unstretched)
$25.00 + shipping

The Ultimate Tutus

I think Turkeys have pretty good tutus of their own.



Peacocks too, but I don’t think I have a picture of one of those all fanned out.

I hope you all have a wonderful and amazing Thanksgiving.

Tutu Inquiry Form

The form should be up and running now.  Because a custom tutu is so personal, I have created an inquiry form that will be the first step in ordering a tutu, and I will contact you to get more specific information.

If you want to buy a pre-made tutu that I have listed on here, you can email me through the “Contact Me” page.


Order Form

We are working on getting the order form up and running!  I will let everyone know as soon as it is “live” and ready to use.  In the mean time, you can still place orders by emailing me.  You can find that information under the “Contact Me” link above.

Pink and Gold

My 7 year old daughter tried to lay claim to this one!  A size 6X/7 it’s great to wear over jeans or leggings.  $15.00